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GNVQ in bricklaying to include module on casual sexual harassment

The Department for Education has announced plans to introduce a module on sexual harassment to the GNVQ in bricklaying, as part of its strategy to make British construction workers the most misogynistic in the world, it has emerged today.

A source for the DfE was quoted as saying “British male construction workers are leading sexists and the government wishes to capitalise on this valuable skill by ensuring that it is taught to a new generation of trainee construction workers just entering the workplace.”

According to our source, methods such as bellowing at women from high scaffolding like an over-excited baboon will form part of the syllabus, as will the more sophisticated technique of waiting until a woman has walked past, and then muttering something barely audible at her retreating form.  80’s favourite, the wolf-whistle, will be taught as an extra-curricular add-on for those who feel it is still relevant in the 21st century.