Managers: micro-managing staff isn’t big and it isn’t clever

It has emerged today that line managers who give their staff constant ‘feedback’ on their staff’s performance, sometimes several times a day, are actually crap at their own jobs.  Far from showing their own bosses that they are diligent, hard-working perfectionists, most bosses are well aware that they have a total prick on their hands.

Company director Malcolm Wynter, from Swindon, knows that senior manager Fergus is a mini tyrant who constantly picks fault with every member of his staff.  “There’s nothing wrong with his team, they’re all fine, which has absolutely nothing to do with Fergus.  He could just as well spend the day making a sculpture out of office stationary and the department would still run perfectly well.  He’s a self-important little arse-wipe.” Wynter pauses.  “He’ll still get his annual pay rise this year.  His staff won’t, obviously.”

Jenny and Mike, two of Fergus’s team, are tired of the daily nit-picking.  “He insists I chase sales lead every day, even though my customers are getting really pissed off with me.  I’ve lost 3 this week already”, says Mike.  “Fergus is shit at his job and covers it up by making out everyone else is rubbish and in desperate need of his strong management skills”, adds Jenny.  “I was doing this job while he was still getting wedgies at primary school.  I’m tempted to give him one now, actually.”

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