Villagers to petition against wind farm over fears it will spoil view of ‘historic’ sewage works

The little town of Scarsford Dale in Northumbria is a community divided, and not just by the A1.  The town’s 6,000 or so residents are being consulted on plans to build a new wind farm, which is expected to provide up to 25% of the town’s energy needs, and will bring much needed job opportunities to the area.

Barbara Drayton-Findlay, leading the opposition group determined to stop the proposed development, spoke to us yesterday.  “Scarsford Dale is a town proud of it’s diverse wildlife and natural beauty.  Erecting a dozen bloody big turbines will not only startle the Red Squirrels found recently to be living on the site, but will also ruin the view of the historic Skelmarsh Water Treatment Works.  Once the petition is drawn up I know I can count on a good 20 or 30 of my rich neighbours to sign it.”

Despite only a small number of rich Tory voters expected to oppose the new clean energy enterprise, it is expected that they will win the fight due to them being rich Tories, and therefore more important than their working-class neighbours.  “The sewage farm may not be the prettiest local landmark, but it is our landmark, and the visitor centre’s famous breeze block edifice can be seen for miles around.  We want an uninterrupted view of our settling ponds and gravel beds.”

The National Grid have denied reports that the Red Squirrel, a protected species, was found living close to the site.  “It turned out to be a Grey Squirrel that had been captured by some local nimbys and dyed ginger using L’Oreal’s Casting Creme Gloss”, a spokesman told us.  “It’s dead now, it got beaten up by it’s mates for being ginger.”

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