Managers: micro-managing staff isn’t big and it isn’t clever

It has emerged today that line managers who give their staff constant ‘feedback’ on their staff’s performance, sometimes several times a day, are actually crap at their own jobs.  Far from showing their own bosses that they are diligent, hard-working perfectionists, most bosses are well aware that they have a total prick on their hands.

Company director Malcolm Wynter, from Swindon, knows that senior manager Fergus is a mini tyrant who constantly picks fault with every member of his staff.  “There’s nothing wrong with his team, they’re all fine, which has absolutely nothing to do with Fergus.  He could just as well spend the day making a sculpture out of office stationary and the department would still run perfectly well.  He’s a self-important little arse-wipe.” Wynter pauses.  “He’ll still get his annual pay rise this year.  His staff won’t, obviously.”

Jenny and Mike, two of Fergus’s team, are tired of the daily nit-picking.  “He insists I chase sales lead every day, even though my customers are getting really pissed off with me.  I’ve lost 3 this week already”, says Mike.  “Fergus is shit at his job and covers it up by making out everyone else is rubbish and in desperate need of his strong management skills”, adds Jenny.  “I was doing this job while he was still getting wedgies at primary school.  I’m tempted to give him one now, actually.”

Villagers to petition against wind farm over fears it will spoil view of ‘historic’ sewage works

The little town of Scarsford Dale in Northumbria is a community divided, and not just by the A1.  The town’s 6,000 or so residents are being consulted on plans to build a new wind farm, which is expected to provide up to 25% of the town’s energy needs, and will bring much needed job opportunities to the area.

Barbara Drayton-Findlay, leading the opposition group determined to stop the proposed development, spoke to us yesterday.  “Scarsford Dale is a town proud of it’s diverse wildlife and natural beauty.  Erecting a dozen bloody big turbines will not only startle the Red Squirrels found recently to be living on the site, but will also ruin the view of the historic Skelmarsh Water Treatment Works.  Once the petition is drawn up I know I can count on a good 20 or 30 of my rich neighbours to sign it.”

Despite only a small number of rich Tory voters expected to oppose the new clean energy enterprise, it is expected that they will win the fight due to them being rich Tories, and therefore more important than their working-class neighbours.  “The sewage farm may not be the prettiest local landmark, but it is our landmark, and the visitor centre’s famous breeze block edifice can be seen for miles around.  We want an uninterrupted view of our settling ponds and gravel beds.”

The National Grid have denied reports that the Red Squirrel, a protected species, was found living close to the site.  “It turned out to be a Grey Squirrel that had been captured by some local nimbys and dyed ginger using L’Oreal’s Casting Creme Gloss”, a spokesman told us.  “It’s dead now, it got beaten up by it’s mates for being ginger.”

Gluten-free website to review cookie policy

A specialist online supplier of foods aimed at those with gluten allergies and intolerances has been criticised today for forcing visitors to its website to accept non gluten-free cookies to continue browsing.

Website founder Ben Anderson, who is considering suing the company employed to construct his website, has called for better labelling of of cookies by website developers from the outset and is concerned with how Britain’s exit from the EU could affect his customers.

“Who knows what will happen once this country no longer has to conform the EU food labelling rules?  Everyone is aware of computer viruses but it’s not obvious when accepting cookies that you could be allowing allergens to infect your device.”

Disgruntled coeliacs and IBS sufferers took to Twitter to express anger over what many see as a potentially lethal error.  The hashtags #Crumbs! and #BiscuitWars have been trending this week, although the latter has been mainly taken over by Twitter users misunderstanding the issue and pitting the likes the Garibaldi against the Custard Cream.

North of England to become South East’s personal landfill site after Brexit

Plans to turn northern England into a massive landfill site and recycling plant are nearing completion as Britain prepares to exit from the European Union on 31st January.  The Bluelands Gazette can reveal that areas of outstanding natural beauty are ready to receive hundreds of thousands of tons of London and the South East’s domestic and commercial waste on a continual basis.

The nation’s recycling, which is currently loaded onto ships and transported to Europe for recycling, will no longer be handled in this way once Britain has left the EU.  Instead it will be dumped in hundreds of specially designated areas stretching from Birmingham to Carlisle, where it will be offloaded from trucks, ploughed into the ground, and picked over by millions of seagulls.

The government admits that the UK has very limited resources for waste management on such a vast scale, so most of the dumped plastics, glass, metals and cardboard will pile up in festering heaps rendering many popular picnic spots unsuitable for al fresco snacking.

A bold advertising campaign, aimed at thanking the north for agreeing to be London’s personal midden, will inform northerners that sacrificing places such as the Lake District, the Pennines and County Durham is the very epitome of the Dunkirk spirit so espoused by Brexiteers.