Premier Inns not the haunt of glamorous jetset, despite what TV ads suggest

Budget UK hotel chain Premier Inn, famous for it’s identikit bedrooms and vending machines that have ground-breakingly replaced dinner with Mini Cheddars and Kit-Kats, is not as glamorous as has been suggested.  This controversial claim has been made by anyone who has ever booked a room based on what Premier Inn’s TV advertising appears to promise.

Customer Steve, from Llandudno, says he stayed in a Birmingham branch with his wife, and was disappointed with the lack of exclusive VIP parties at the venue.  “We saw an ad on TV that made it look like the kind of place favoured by minor royalty, or at least the cast of Made in Chelsea”, explains Steve.  “Me and the missus were looking forward to a night in the hotel’s casino, after a 10-course tasting menu with the sommelier’s choice of fine wines.  We ended up in our room sharing a KFC Bargain Bucket in front of The Antiques Roadshow.”

Jaclyn from Crewkerne’s review on Trip Advisor is similarly scathing. “We arrived to find a tramp sleeping in the doorway, and a group of guests checking in wearing grey suits, and another group of men in Hawaiian shorts and t-shirts with cartoon penisis on the front.  We quickly realised that we were sharing a floor with a group of vinyl flooring sales reps and and some lads on a 2 day bender.”

Premier Inn have released a statement denying that their value-for-money hotels contain casinos or host guestlist-only pool parties.  Or have a pool.

Sir Lenny Henry was unavailable for comment.

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