Labour’s policy on Europe still as accessible as unicorn ambergris

Jeremy Corbyn has today continued to promote Labour’s EU election campaign in Medway, Kent.  With the date of the European elections fast approaching, and with Labour’s position on the EU still obscure, calls to provide voters with a frank mission statement have prompted a stirring of action at party HQ.

Faced with continued confusion amongst ordinary voters as to what precisely Labour’s policy on the EU is, Mr Corbyn sought to clarify the party’s position once and for all, using the quintessential political tool of the tortuous analogy.  This morning Mr Corbyn took ‘prole-splaining’ to a new level in front of a 500-strong crowd.

“Look, we know our country is very much divided between those who like BigMacs and those who prefer Filets-o-Fish.  The vast majority of Labour supporters like BigMacs, but a minority like Filets-o-Fish better, and there have been growing calls from both camps to just let everyone have a choice over whether they want to order a BigMac or a Filet-o-Fish.

So that is why Labour’s number one priority is, and always has been, to replace McDonald’s with Burger King, so that we can provide people with better sandwiches of all kinds, as well as chicken nuggets. However, it looks unlikely that we’ll be able to replace McDonald’s with Burger King. Therefore we will commit to securing the very best Filet-o-Fish possible, which will mean negotiating with McDonald’s to change the recipe, because the current Filet-o-Fish is rubbish.”

As rapturous applause rang out around the town square, partly from people in agreement with the Labour leader’s pledge to instigate bold change against a backdrop of economic turmoil, but largely from those who have grown frustrated with the lack of choice of greasy fast food, Mr Corbyn continued with his theme.

“And if – and it is a big if – we cannot improve the Filet-o-Fish, nor can we replace Maccy D’s with BK, then we support keeping all options on the table.  And all options would, by definition, theoretically include the option to just let people decide for themselves whether they want to order a BigMac or a Filet-o-Fish.”

Mr Corbyn refused to be drawn on whether he is, himself, in favour of fish burgers or beef burgers.

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