Ill-informed political row on Facebook between friends hilarious to everyone else reading it

Social media users have admitted that the best thing about Facebook these days is watching a tense feud develop between friends on some trivial matter.

Northerners Paul, Colin and Twisty have been unwittingly amusing Harpreet’s Southern friends for a couple of days with their blokey bluster and poor grasp of facts.  In a 3-way conversation peppered with annoying cliches like ‘At the end of the day’, ‘Let’s stick to the facts, guys’, and ‘I don’t want to sound rude, but’, what started out as a dull post from Paul about Brexit has turned into a full-scale bitchfest.

Harpreet wisely stepped away from the debate almost immediately, whilst the other 3 have consistently demonstrated what truly awful people they are.

Harpreet gives us some insight into the main players. “Paul is the kind of person who bombards his own newsfeed with borderline racism cleverly disguised as ‘banter’ about his football team’s rivalry with other football teams.  Colin invented a new swear word 3 days ago and is clearly very proud of his creativity because he keeps dropping it into his posts.  Twisty quotes words and phrases by stand-up comedians in a way that would suggest they’re actually his.  But it’s their passive-aggressive debate about Brexit that’s going on at the moment that’s really hilarious!”

The escalating argument has attracted a number of avid readers.  Harpreet’s work colleague Suzy sums it up. “It’s better than watching repeats of TOWIE.  I’ve never met these people but they’re on another planet. Gotta go, there’s a new post to read!”

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