Decorate your home in white and grey to avoid offending the stranger who might buy it in 10 years time

There has never been more choice for the design-savvy homeowner wanting to explore their creativity, with the latest in luxury kitchens, soft furnishings and vibrant wall coverings all at their disposal.  The biggest names in contemporary design are wowing their followers on social media right now with stunning pieces that can transform an ordinary house into a beautiful and personal space to be treasured.

That’s all well and good, but what if it’s not your ‘forever’ home?  What if you might decide to sell in a few years?  It only takes a hint of colour to put off a potential buyer and make them either walk away or demand at least 10 grand off your asking price, mainly because house buyers have even less imagination than you do.

We spoke to founder of online interiors shop Dull Dimensions. “These so-called design experts haven’t thought of re-sale value.  A house is not somewhere for you to enjoy yourself, it’s an investment.  You absolutely cannot afford to offend the sensibilities of people you’ve never met”, says Anne Jones.  “Someone might be in your house one day looking to buy, and they might not like your blue lampshade.  Choose neutrals. Always.”

Jones’s website is full of good quality but really boring furniture and furnishings.  “Paint your walls in a riot of white with a daring flash of grey”, she advises.  “No one can possibly be offended by white and grey.  It doesn’t matter that you’ll be spending the next 10 years living inside a concrete coloured box, silently counting down the days when you can put it on the market.  You’ve got to think of the re-sale value.”

Rachel Sanders took Jones’s advise last year.  “I’m so glad we painted the kitchen in Anne’s best-selling colour, Migraine on Matterhorn.  And we painted the living room in Blubber, with a feature wall of Boiled Sock.  My husband and I have developed clinical depression as a result and our cat walked out for good in October, but at least we should see a decent return on our investment.”  She admits to covering a cushion in a plain silk that wasn’t white or grey. “It’s called Beige Flirtation.  It’s absolutely wild!  Don’t tell Anne!”

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