Behind your eyeballs is a pile of old eyelashes, contact lenses, grit and biscuit crumbs

Have you ever wondered what happened to that eyelash that was scratching your cornea only 5 minutes ago but now seems to have miraculously vanished?  The truth in all its uncomfortable glory has emerged after research conducted by The University of Tewkesbury.

Postmortems on people who have donated their bodies to medical science have revealed the small void behind the eyeball, known as Millicent’s Pocket, to contain some pretty random crap. Amongst the detritus recently found behind the eye include old contact lenses, glitter, Rice Krispies, traces of mercury and a dead money spider.

Dr Edward Peabody says “The most common article we find deposited in Millicent’s Pocket are eyelashes, which are partially dissolved in the aqueous humours produced naturally by the eye.  The average eyelash takes about 8 years to completely dissolve.” There is no clue, however, to how certain things get behind the eye.  “We’ve also found sock fluff, olive oil and Tipex.  Don’t ask me how they got there.”

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