Renewing wedding vows most popular alternative to divorce

A new study from the University of Tewkesbury has revealed that many couples who are thinking about getting divorced are opting to renew their wedding vows instead.  With lengthy court proceedings and the subsequent fight over an estate, possessions, children and pets sometimes running into tens of thousands of pounds, a simple but beautiful ceremony with close friends and family is a lot cheaper.

Merv, 50, has recently renewed his vows with wife Sarah.  “Our marriage had become a featureless landscape of unfulfilled dreams. Apart from when I broke my arm in April, I hadn’t seen Sarah laugh for years.  We did consider divorce but the thought of trying to divvy up the Royal Doulton was too much to bear.  So we went for the romantic option instead, to try and re-introduce the spark we used to have.”

“We renewed our vows last month, after 20 years of marriage, and went on our 2nd honeymoon to Bermuda”, smiles Sarah, 48.  “It was all very nice, but more importantly, it’s stopped my mother hinting that me and Merv should throw in the towel.  It was worth it to see the disappointed look on her face.”

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