Xbox develops new game where players negotiate new Brexit deal, with government secretly analysing gamers’ tactics

A new computer game has hit the shops this week, later than planned, but just in time for late Christmas present buyers.  The object of the game is for players to negotiate a new deal for Britain’s exit from the European Union.  A number of levels must be passed on the way, in increasing complexity, with players building up their draft agreement as they go.  One of the final levels is the Irish Backstop, which promises to be ‘the ultimate challenge that only the boldest can conquer’, according to the game’s press release.

Game designers Del Petitt, Nate Karling and Mikey Leonard, reveal that they were approached by the British government to develop the game back in January.  “Our meetings with the Brits showed us that the whole negotiating process has been a total shambles.  They are hoping that there will some hidden genius out there who can come up with a brilliant new Brexit agreement”, explains Karling. “We’ve built in a surveillance app that Theresa May can log into to observe what the most successful gamers are up to”, adds Petitt. “Sounds like she needs all the help she can get.”

Despite the potential market for a game about British politics being seemingly limited, it is expected that the new game, called BreXbox: Mortal Politix, is expected to outsell Call of Duty: Black Ops.  “It’ll be a bumper few months for Microsoft’s UK gaming market”, says Karling. “Every Brit is going to think they can do better than Theresa May. And they probably will.”

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