94% of women over 40 describe their unique personal style as ‘classic with a twist’

Almost all women over the age of 40 who consider themselves to have an individual personal style all dress in exactly the same way, a new study has found.  The minority who wouldn’t describe their style as ‘classic with a twist’, say they dress in more of a ‘timeless with a sense of fun’ kind of a way.

Camilla Spayleigh of the National Institute of Personal Stylists admits that putting a colourful scarf or a statement necklace with a tailored trouser suit is not edgy or cool.  “Personal stylists have very few original ideas for middle-aged women, so tend to fall back on the same tired old crap Trinny and Susannah were trotting out 15 years ago.  And for some reason women think that ‘classic with a twist’ is a look that only a select few fashionistas know about.”

Fashion enthusiast and working mum of 2, Claire, opens up to us about what style means to her.  “I love to shop for capsule pieces in neutral colours that I know will look good for years to come, and will never date.  To avoid looking like everybody else who shops on the high street for same things I do, I like to add my own unique touch of personality.”  Claire shows us a pink handbag, a yellow floral silk scarf and an enamel pendant she picked up at a vintage market.  “If I put the scarf with this grey sweater and blue bootcut jeans, see how the look is completely transformed.  Suddenly it looks really quirky and funky- a bit like me, really!”  She smiles when we ask how she would describe her personal style. “My style is very much ‘out there’, despite getting most of my inspiration from Red magazine and BBC newsreaders.  I would describe my style as classic with a twist.”

Camilla Spayleigh is candid in her assessment.  “Classic with a twist basically means wearing reasonable quality yet boring clothes, and adding a colourful accessory in lieu of having a personality.  Claire is just another basic bitch being sold a lie by high street brands taking backhanders from the women’s style magazines.”

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