People who comment on other people’s social media posts with “Sorry, but…” are not sorry

Fans of behaving like a petulant child and arguing needlessly with complete strangers on social media will be familiar with the above phrase.  Any comment that begins with “Sorry, but…” can be pretty much guaranteed to be a passive-aggressive tirade designed to be a triumphant take down of the original poster.

Curiously, evidence suggests that the original post which prompted such a huffy and self-important response, is often just a well-intended postulation.  This doesn’t matter to the Sorry But commenter.  Any opportunity to look morally superior is eagerly grasped.

Seasoned Sorry But commenter, Brick_Fist_101, who appears to spend most of his time being arsey on Facebook, told us “Other people are misguided fools who need educating, preferably by me.  I am the arbiter of all political and social issues and I make no apology for it.  Black Lives Matter?  Sorry, but ALL lives matter, and to say otherwise is non-inclusive of everyone else and therefore probably racist.  I’m now hoping for hundreds of ‘likes’ for that remark, to prop up my fragile ego.”

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