Kanye West changes name to Ye Guevara in bid to be tweeted about again

World famous acceptance speech crasher and middle-aged husband of someone more influential on social media, Kanye West, has announced that he has changed his name to Ye Guevara. The bizarre though pointless move came about as a response to news from his publicist that slightly fewer people are tweeting about than were a few months ago.

In lieu of any other skill, or anything important to say, the name change was chosen as West’s newest move.  A source close to the star said yesterday, “His whole thing of blurting out what he thinks are profound aphorisms but is actually meaningless drivel, is no longer edgy in a man of his age, so he’s decided to adopt someone else’s name and change it slightly to contain letters from his own.  Like he did with Yeezus. It’s a truly brilliant move. Just when you think he can’t possible confound us with any more of his his sheer genius, he comes up with this. Amazing.”

Other possible names considered apparently were Mother Yereeza, Yoan of Arc, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, but that last one turned out to be a bit long to fit on a library card.

Should West be successful in his 2020 bid for the US presidency, his request to be addressed as the President of the Ye-nited States will be put before the Senate.

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