Existence of conspiracy theorists revealed to be nothing more than a conspiracy theory

It seems that there is a conspiracy theory for every odd/tragic/inexplicable news event that happens.  However, claims that there are conspiracy theorists who deny that US school shootings at Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook never happened, have been shown to be false, say sources.  Debunkers of these tragedies simply do not, and have never, existed.

It is commonly believed that deniers of these events say the shootings have been fabricated by the anti-gun lobby in America in order to force public opinion against the use of guns.  However, extensive research has shown no evidence that these nutters actually exist.  Interviews with shootings deniers crop up regularly on news programs, but interviewees are actually actors paid by the pro-gun lobby to discredit the anti-gun lobby.

Conspiracy theorists of the religious persuasion insisted that the world would end on April 23rd 2018. If you are reading this you can safely assume that this was a pile of shite, and the world didn’t end as predicted, unless it did, in which case you won’t be reading this because this article was written and published on April 22nd.  A bloke with a big beard, who is the self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist that predicted the Earth-pulverising Rapture, doesn’t exist either.  That picture of him in the national press was actually the publicity shot of an actor auditioning for Emmerdale Farm in the 80’s.

In short, it seems we have nothing to worry about from these so-called conspiracy theorists.  Unless the world did end on April 23rd, in which case thank you to the many thousands of readers of The Bluelands Gazette, and we look forward to bringing you interviews with conspiracy theorists in the afterlife.

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