Labour party to stage ‘The Producers’ in fundraiser Fuhrer-ore

Fresh controversy has erupted within the Labour Party this week as leaked NEC minutes reveal Party bosses planned to raise much-needed funds through a semi-professional production of hit Broadway musical The Producers.

The award-winning musical, in which two wannabe theatre producers plan to cash in on investment cheques through staging a show guaranteed to flop, appears to have been suggested by veteran Labour activist Ched Smith, 25, of Haringey, North London.  “It is the perfect opportunity to raise funds while also offering a scathing critique of our exploitative capitalist system, the woefully bourgeois way in which the arts are funded, and shining a light on the plight of the vulnerable elderly in Tory Britain. It should also help us build bridges with The Jew, whom, as we all know, controls the arts and media”, the minutes quote him as saying.

The issue was compounded when Labour grandee and self-appointed anti-semitism expert Ben Levenstein was grilled by Andy Carr on his Sunday morning BBC politics program.  Said Levenstein, when asked by Carr to justify the decision to stage The Producers for the fundraising event, “The Labour party has always been the Party of the underdog, and this sympathetic account of one of 20th century Europe’s most misunderstood statesmen is both timely and in keeping with Labour tradition.”

When asked by Carr to clarify his comments about the play, which pokes fun at Hitler, Levenstein explained, “The play is about two plucky producers on a quest to reveal the truth about The Fuhrer through their musical biopic Springtime For Hitler.  However, on the opening night of Springtime, the lead actor is mysteriously incapacitated by a Zionist hit-squad and replaced with a Mossad stooge who reduces The Fuhrer to a laughing stock, revealing the lengths Israel will go to to avoid the truth being told.”

Aaron Sachs, secretary for The Movement of Jewish Labour Members, initially responded to reports quoting Mr Levenstein’s comments by saying “Oh for fuck’s sake, not again” before composing himself adding “the press can find the MJLM’s official response to Ben’s comments on the FAQs page of our website.”  The page, last updated in 2002, simply reads “The MJLM unequivocally condemns whatever ill-judged bollocks Ben has gone and said this time.”

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