Only 245 shopping days till Christmas

Retailers across the borough are already looking forward to a brisk few months’ trading in the run up to Christmas.  Although the festive rush has been slow to start, local businesses are confident they will see a pick up soon.

A spokesman for Sportz Direkt, which have branches in Downedge and Bluehythe, told The Bluelands Gazette that Christmas displays are starting to go up in their stores.  “Every retailer likes to be first with their seasonal displays, in order to grab an early market share before their competitors.  We carried out a survey to find out how people would feel about a springtime Christmas launch.  The feedback from our hand-picked respondents of our suppliers and their families, weirdos who celebrate Christmas all year round, and people with a serious addiction to shopping regardless of how much debt they are in, is one of excitement and positivity.”

However, the shoppers we spoke to out and about last week have mixed feelings.  “I haven’t even been on my summer holiday yet and I’m already seeing festive gift ideas for the whole family”, complains one. “It’s still only April, for fuck’s sake, and there’s tinsel up in Marks and Sparks.  But I don’t want to miss out on the 60″ HDTV I’ve just seen in Jane Lewis, at the not-to-be-missed bargain price of £3,095 with 28.2% APR finance available, terms and conditions apply.  My benefit cheque comes through soon, so it’s perfect timing.”

Black Friday in Bluelands will be on Friday 27th April.

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