Procrastination levels set to rise soon, probably next month or maybe later in the year

An extensive study into how much people are planning to procrastinate has been carried out by the University of Tewkesbury.  The study, which was postponed from last year, aims to discover just how many people intend to put things off, and for how long.  Amongst the questions asked were:

Q.  How many time would you say in a month you hope someone else will do it instead?
a)  Never
b)  Sometimes
c)  Can you tick the box marked c), I can’t reach my pen

Q.  Why don’t you just get on with it?
a)  I’ve already done it actually
b)  Chill out, I’ll do it in a minute
c)  I really can’t be arsed, now leave me alone

The results of the survey have been difficult to collate because only 22% of people who received the survey bothered to reply, of which over half missed the deadline. A University of Tewkesbury spokesperson told us, “Letters were going to be sent reminding people to reply, but they’re still sitting on Linda’s desk waiting to be franked.”

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