‘People buy from people’ only true if salespeople give people a massive discount

Sales consultants have spoken out against customers who insist on massive discounts because they’ve seen consumer advice programs on TV telling them how to.

Sales Consultant Carys Glenn says, “We have to almost bankrupt ourselves in order to pander to the petty demands of some pinched-faced little tosser who think the world owes them a living.  These people go from us, to our competitor, and back to us again, demanding a bigger discount each time until someone refuses to go any lower on price. We either lose the sale, or win it at a price that’s not even worth coming to work for.  So everyone loses out, except the customer. The bastard.”  She continues, “Our Sales Manager tries to tell us that people buy from people, so if we didn’t win the sale, it’s because our customer service wasn’t good enough. This is bollocks. It’s because someone else gave a bigger discount.”

Sales Manager Finn Winstanley told us that sales staff should stop moaning about low commissions and struggling to pay their rent, and concentrate on the customer journey instead.  “You’d be amazed how leaping up and bellowing ‘How can I help you today’ at someone as soon as they walk in the door will make them buy from you rather than your competitor.  Bombard them with some probing questions they don’t feel comfortable answering about what they’re looking for and the sale is as good as yours.  There’s no need to offer a discount.”

However, Carys has some advice for Sales Consultants.  “Customers never behave the way you’re told they will during your sales training.  Don’t bother telling them your brand values because they really don’t give a shit.  Just let them grind you down until you cave in and give them a massive discount and you’ll win the sale.  You might not get any commission, but at least you’ll keep your job.  Congratulations.”

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