New gastro-food business up north greeted with fear and suspicion by locals

A new restaurant has opened in Cheshire that makes use of ethically sourced local produce, and people are furious about it.

The Wading Bird Cafe opened last weekend to a mixture of deep suspicion and borderline psychopathic hatred from local residents.  In an interview with The Congleton Echo last week, Chef Proprietor John Chalgrave promised delicious food using quality ingredients from Cheshire producers, in a bid to support the local economy and reduce the impact to the environment.

However, readers comments beneath the interview hint at a note of dissent.  “I hate this place already and it’s not even open yet!” commented someone calling himself HarryTheLedge. “I haven’t seen the menu yet and I’m not exactly sure where this place is, but it’s clearly a desperate attempt by some chef to open a business. I hope it bombs.”  Mad_Turtle_81 seems to agree with this sentiment.  “We don’t want fancy new restaurants opening up round here. We’ve already got a perfectly good Wetherpoon’s for fuck’s sake.  Who does this bloke think he is? He needs to naff off back to wherever he comes from!”

Chalgrave, born and bred in Congleton, is not surprised by the haterz. “I knew it was naive of me to think that a nice restaurant wouldn’t make people incandescent with rage. I could have opened a slightly shittier eatery, in the hope that social media would feel less threatened by it, but I stupidly let my passion for good food get in the way of being disappointingly mediocre.”  Adds the chef, “People seem really pissed off by cavolo nero. Is cabbage really that bad?”

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