Incessant radio play of new single guaranteed to put people off buying it

It has been revealed that radio stations that play a song constantly until listeners are sick to bloody death of it are damaging record sales at an unprecedented rate.

‘Somebody that I used to know’ by Gotye was played an estimated 97 million times during 2012 on BBC Radio 1 alone.  The album it featured on, Making Mirrors, didn’t even reach the UK’s Top 40 selling albums of 2012.

‘I really loved that song when I first heard it”, says Nathaniel Jimston of music blog HitMusicOnTheRadio. “I was considering buying the album purely on the strength of it.  But after hearing it every bastard hour of every day for 6 months I found myself fantasising about melting down every vinyl copy in existence into a giant solid lump and dropping it from 20,000 feet onto Radio 1’s headquarters.  In the end I decided it was more sensible to just not buy it.”

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