Prince Philip takes on Presidency of Illuminati, expert confirms

Prince Philip is to take on the Presidency of the secretive Illuminati next month, The Bluelands Gazette can reveal. The news follows revelations that strange signs have been appearing in the St James’s Park area of Central London.

One such sign, pictured above on Birdcage Walk, clearly shows the All Seeing Eye – the millennia old symbol of the elite Illuminati group – pointing toward Buckingham Palace while a small black car points to the Palace of Westminster.  Responding to rumours surrounding photographs of the signs online, self-professed Illuminati expert Lee Harvey Icke said “This sign is conclusive proof that the Illuminati are active in the Buckingham Palace locale.  It is well established that the Presidency of the Illuminati rotates on a 3-year basis, with only the most senior figures of global power and influence eligible for the role.  Prince Philip’s recent step-back from public life makes him the ideal candidate to take over leadership of the secretive society.”

Internet commentators have also theorised that the lower half of the sign pokes fun at Parliamentarians, who are often referred to as “used car salesmen” by their true global overlords.  Icke, however, disagrees: “That strikes me as fairly far-fetched”, he said. “It probably just points people to the nearest taxi rank or something.”

A spokesperson for the Royal Household declined to comment.


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