Celebrities must accept public criticism for everything they say and do

Celebrities who attempt to defend themselves against internet trolls and online social warriors have no right to do so, and need to be reminded of the fact.

This timely warning comes from an online watch group dedicated to keeping people in the public eye firmly in their place.  “Just because someone is an actor, or a singer, or a TV presenter, it doesn’t give them the right to tweet things that some people might not agree with.”  So says a spokesman from online watch group Guardians of Decency, who tweet anonymously, and who are keen to spread the word that celebrities are fair game when it comes to vitriolic criticism.  “It doesn’t matter who you are… whether Hollywood elite, or a D-list reality show contestant.  Or just a nobody who runs a charity.  If you tweet something which some of your followers don’t agree with, or understand, you deserve to be publicly humiliated.  Be prepared for your family to be hounded and your career ruined.  Ordinary people have moral superiority over your opinions and every aspect of your life, so stop whining.”

British actor Dale Spindrift, better known as JJ in popular British soap EastStreet, recently hit the headlines after wishing his Twitter followers Happy Christmas.  The seasonal greeting was re-tweeted over 8,000 times, as people who have never heard of him tweeted their anger at the blatant insult to devotees of other religions.  “How dare this overpaid, privileged, successful actor ignore the 40% of the UK who aren’t Christian. This dangerous idiot shouldn’t be allowed to air his thoughts in public as he clearly has no regard for others.  We liked him when he was posting GIFs of his cat bumping into things, but now he’s overstepped the mark.”

Our anonymous spokesman proudly admits to having joined in with the morally outraged who forced Spindrift to delete all his social media accounts and move house.  The message to anyone in the public eye is clear: if you can’t say anything guaranteed to be inoffensive to everyone, don’t say anything at all.

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