People who wear rucksacks on the tube to be handed on-the-spot fines

Transport for London have launched a new initiative aimed at reducing the number of rucksack related injuries on the London Underground.

“Most passengers will, at some point during their day, experience a moron with a complete lack of spatial awareness clobbering them with a massive rucksack strapped to their back”, explains Head of Baggage Enforcement for TFL, Mark Sanderson.  “Why a London commuter would think that rugged camping equipment is a suitable part of their business attire is frankly beyond me, but we will be taking direct action.  Plain clothes Baggage Enforcement Officers will be riding the tube network during peak hours and will hand out on-the-spot fines to anyone flouting new rules. Research has shown that the average sized ruscksack worn on the back takes up as much space as a person, and being twatted in the face whilst seated is a very real issue for many passengers.”

Commuter groups are angry with the news.  Rucksack user Jonty Hambling told us, “It’s so totally not fair.  My Kevlar polar explorer’s rucksack is vital for carrying my desk diary, pens, iPad and sandwiches.  How am I supposed to navigate the punishing environment of the Circle line when I have to take it off and carry it down by my side? I’m appalled.”

Rucksack users are advised to remove them and put them on the floor to avoid a fifty pound ticket, or twenty-five if paid within 14 days.

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