New game: try to guess who’s the mutual friend in the ‘People you may know’ bar on Facebook

Scroll down on your Facebook newsfeed with a few flicks of your thumb.  It won’t be long before you are confronted with a rogues’ gallery of people you don’t know in the ‘People you may know’ bar.  The chances of you even having met any of these people is remote, but Facebook still seems to think you’re desperate to be friends with any old humanoid their algorithm has come up with.

What’s even odder is that some of them will have a friend who is mutual to you both.  You won’t know who it is without clicking on their mugshots, but it’s fun to try and guess.

Our office team here at The Bluelands Gazette have been doing it all week.  Reporter Allie Bourne has scored the highest so far, with 6 correct guesses out of a possible 11 suggested profile pics.  “I had no idea my friends knew so many weirdos”, says Allie.  “I’ve never met the bloke with the purple Mohican and cobweb facial tattoo, I thought he might be mates with Mickey Fish who used to work down the morgue.  Turns out he’s my nan’s street dance teacher.”

Editor-in-Chief Laurie Hepworth has done well too.  “There was this picture of a woman wearing a hand-knitted beanie, a nose ring, and holding a cucumber.  She looked like she might be a vegan, which would make our mutual friend Mollie Nutbutter, who is a rampant vegan.  I was right, and the cucumber is a re-incarnation of her granddad.”

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