People who bring their children on demo marches need to get a grip

Parents with questionable morals who use their children to make a political point are putting them at risk of serious boredom, says a leading child psychologist.

Bringing small children on a march to enhance your own sense of self-righteous family unity, particularly in front of TV news crews, is a pointless exercise that will only serve to indoctrinate your child into your narrow-minded politics and bore them rigid.  Says Dr. Wendy Mendoza, “A noisy, angry demonstration is no place for a child. Parents seem to think that their chosen movement will gain a groundswell of support from onlookers moved to tears at the sight of an innocent 6-year old juxtaposed against a dystopian nightmare of an imagined future. But everyone watching knows that these parents are just being selfish twats.”

Continues Mendoza, “Your kids are not, as you believe, fervent supporters of your ideals. They’re just going along with it because it’s fun to shout slogans at passers-by whilst waving a banner they helped you make.  Once they’ve seen you being verbally abused by strangers and their legs ache, the novelty will wear off surprisingly quickly.”

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