Office supplies that are only available in vast quantities are a waste of money

Office managers who order stationery, catering supplies and printing requisites for the nations’ workplaces admit that the huge number of units that have to be purchased at a time are bloody useless.

We spoke to Billy Tilling, an office manager from somewhere up north, who told us “2 years ago I ordered a bag of 2,000 teabags which we aren’t even halfway through yet.  There’s only 3 of us in this office and Janet doesn’t drink tea, so me and Ian have been drinking tea that is basically hot brown water for months.  I’d go to the supermarket and get something nice in boxes of 80, but we don’t have Capex clearance for it.”

Adds Janet Keebleton, who does the post, “The self-adhesive envelopes lost their self-adhesiveness over a year ago because Billy had to order a box of a thousand and I only send out invoices once a week.  I have to use Pritt Stick to stick the flaps shut.  But we had to order 30 Pritt Sticks in 2004 and they’ve turned into a sort of latex flubber.”

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